Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A trip to Zoo Negara

How long has it been since your last trip to a zoo? What do you think about zoos? I remember when I was younger, zoo seem to be a place that was fun to visit.. But as I grew older, less and less people seem to wanna go visit the zoo.. Even I myself thought zoo as a place where its hot, smelly and boring.. But one day, I decided, after so many years of not visiting the zoo, why not go back there and relive my childhood memory? Also, zoo is actually a good place for photography.. With that, I took my good old camera.. And went photographing..

These are just some of the photos I took at the zoo..

 Look at the potential leather!!! Opss... =P

Ostrich doing a stare down with me..

 Giraffe having a drink..

Lazy lion sleeping in the hot sunny afternoon..

Now this is a sleeping flying fox.. And my mum made the best comment ever..
She asked me, "how come the flying fox has a cross??" o.O

 Pretty pretty frangipanies.. <3 <3

 Mr Camel, "Hello there you young lady. What's up?"

 Butterflies!!!! =)

Tiger so the cocky, dun even wanna look at the camera.. But then again, if it were staring at me, it probably means I look like lunch.. =S

Saw the National Geography Magazine some time back taking a picture of the eye of an elephant and it took my breath away.. So I tried to imitate.. Which, I obviously failed.. But that's the best I can do.. Give face a bit ok?

And 1 last picture before I end this post.. Fella just came out from a mud bath I think? Wonder how good it felt?? =P

Thursday, 22 November 2012

#NNShutterbugs14Days #FoodPorn challenge

Ok, so I just realised I did something extremely stupid today.. I have been seeing Nuffnang Malaysia Facebook repeatedly post competition results for their event #NNShutterbugs14Days for quite awhile now and decided that I might try it if I was free. So happened, today I was! And even more coincidentally, the topic was on #FoodPorn and I thought, "oh my, easy.. I got so many food pictures I can easily make a kollage.. And so I started off my work..

Anyway, after a whole afternoon, I came up with this:

And then, being proud of myself, I happily submitted it.. And like all normal human out there, I went browsing other people's uploads for the #NNShutterbugs14Days #FoodPorn challenge and I realised that, everyone only uploaded 1 food picture.. Why the hell did I upload a kollage? Well, because I thought we were supposed to! I saw Nuffnang posted all the kollage so I thought you were suppose to make a kollage but oh my God, you weren't.. You just had to upload 1 picture and Nuffnang compiles these pictures into a kollage, putting the winner picture as the biggest picture right in the middle.. OMG WTF FML!!!!

I think I wasted 1 whole afternoon doing this.. T___________________T

So I decided to just leave my tweet alone.. If I was disqualified, then disqualified lar.. If I don't win then don't win lar.. I decided to also post it on my blog to show whoever that reads my blog what a phail person I am and also at the same time to show people my good kollage skills!! And also, more importantly, I want to show off that I edited the picture above using ONLY PHOTOSHOP TOUCH with my GALAXY NOTE 10.1!!!!! 

Ok there, I hope my whole afternoon was worth this post.. going to go drown myself in self pity now.. bai!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Gorgeouslism Deepavali Sales!

Hello folks, I know I have went off the grid for quite awhile now and I blame the new job requirements. I don't work long hours, mind you, but preparing for that seemingly 2 hours or 3 hours of job requires a lot more time and effort than you would think possible. Even so, I promise to be updating more frequently as I am currently having a break till the end of next week. So heads up! More spamming from me! =P

Ok, I'm drifting off from my topic. Today I am going to post about an online accessories store that I started up a few months back. We currently have hit 109 likes *clap clap* and we are, as according to my title, having a Deepavali Sales! Please do click on the picture below to divert you to our facebook page and see if there's any accessories at all that you'd like to buy! And do like us on Facebook to enjoy great savings and receive updates from us. Thank you!

Remember to  !!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Octoberfest 2012

Octoberfest, did you go?

Photo credits to Shiro

Super short post to show I am alive and healthy.. Well, perhaps not so much after that big cup of beer!!! >.<

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Difference between Lecturing and Being Lectured

So I have been asked recently on how I am doing with the part time lecturing I took up. For those of you who don't know, yes, I took up part time lecturing. I was given the opportunity and thought I'd might as well give it a try since I was thinking of being a lecturer as a career.

Oh well, back to my topic, while I was a student, one of the longest presentation that I have done lasted me for 20 minutes. And yes, you guessed it, it was my final year project presentation, and after that, my Masters dissertation presentation. All these while, I have always worked hard on squeezing every little information that I deemed important in a period of 20 minutes. In fact, I believe that I am so good at it that I have almost no trouble at all in always finishing my presentations in any amount of time given to me. That is, until I started lecturing.

My lecturing classes usually last about 2 hours. The terrible thing is, I realised I cannot go on and on about the same thing for 2 hours. You might say just continue with the next topic instead of dwelling on the same topic right? Well, there is this other problem. Our lectures are scheduled, I am suppose to follow the timetable for each session or otherwise I would end up not being able to finish the syllabus in time or end up finishing the syllabus too early. The good thing is, as a student, I'd love if the lecturer could teach fast enough, give more time for study week before the final and at the same time teach effectively. The problem with me is, I am not sure if I am teaching effectively fast or am I just teaching too fast!!

So what I deem to understand about the difference between lecturing and being lectured is:
When lecturing, you try your best to present the least information in the longest time possible whilst as the one being lectured, you try your best to squeeze every little thing you want to say in the required time during an assignment presentation.

A big flip towards the goals huh? @.@

Monday, 3 September 2012

Just for laugh

hello peeps,

how have the long weekend been?

Recently there's been loads of long weekends and as an effect, I have became extremely lazy to even move a muscle..

Speaking of which, I recently went bowling, after like God knows how many years of not bowling..

Photo credited to Ryan (some random bowling picture I took from Google.. I mean what's the use of Google if not this right? right right???)

So as I was saying, I went bowling and I ended up hurting muscles I didn't know would get hurt by bowling! I mean, bowling is just a hand thing right? NOT! the next day, my glut muscles hurt, my upper tigh muscles hurt and my back muscles hurt!! I mean what did I do to make those muscles ache?!

On another note, I recently saw this extremely confusing Facebook status print screened by someone:

I got so confused!! What's with Poptarz? What is this person trying to say? Like it if I cry every time? What is this??

And then, I asked the bf to have a look at the picture and he sent me a YouTube link.. And all this became clear..

Started laughing as soon as I heard the voice of the video clip.. LOL

Hope you guys enjoy.. xoxo

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Popular Book Fest 2012 @ KLCC Convention Centre

Had a chance to visit the Book Fest?

I went there a couple of days ago and got myself some books for light reading..

The prices were unbelievably cheap that I couldn't resist just grabbing and purchasing what ever preview of the book I liked.. So why 3 books only, some of you may ask.. Well, because I am frugal.. LMAO..

Currently reading Last Night at Chateau Marmont, written by Lauren Weisbergler, the writer of Devil Wears Prada.. I read Angels and Demons before, just buying it because it was TOO DAMN cheap! RM 9.90 only you know!!! *faints*

So what did you all get? =D